1. CUSTOMS: Designer (Shania Rose), request all clients expect (Prom & Bridal) to come in 8-10 WEEKS PRIOR TO THEIR EVENT DATE. After the 8TH WEEK THERE WILL BE A $75 RUSH FEE. PROM AND BRIDAL CLIENTS MUST BOOK 6-8 MONTHS PRIOR TO THIER EVENT DATE!
  2. CONSULTATIONS: All Occasions, including Bridal and Prom must book a consultation wether it's Virtual or In-Person!
  3. PAYMENT: There are only two payments. Half deposit to start, and the remainder is paid 2 weeks before the event date or once the garment is completed, (whichever comes first). IF PAYMENT IS LATE THERE WILL BE A $10 LATE FEE EACH DAY ITS LATE!
  4. PRODUCTION: 8 to 10 Weeks, unless its a rush order. Rush order cut off time is 4 weeks (unless instructed other wise by the designer).
  5. NO REFUNDS: Once the designer accepts a deposit there is NO REFUND/NOR PARTIAL REFUNDS. If you decide to cancel for whatever reason, you will not be REFUNDED or CREDITED towards any future garments. (Including unforeseen circumstances such as Natural Disasters, Weather, Global Pandemics or cancellation of your event). 
Last Updated: 06\16\2021